At Bertrum House we have an ambitious curriculum, using our expert knowledge of child development to prepare our children for a confident start at school.  We provide a perfect balance of outdoor learning and indoor activities to motivate and inspire our children.

Embracing the Outdoors: Building Skills and Well-being

Outdoor learning boosts children’s ability to learn new skills and concepts as well as promoting high levels of well-being and mental health so each morning, rain or shine we head out on to our field.  As well as providing activities for all the different areas of the curriculum, we can effectively teach children positive attitudes to learning that they will rely on as they move on to primary school: planning, problem solving, managing risk, resilience  and confidence.

Tailored Learning: Play-Based Progress for Every Stage

Nursery and Pre-Reception have their own classrooms so we can deliver a curriculum that is targeted to the age and stage of development of the children.  Learning activities are play based but have a progression of skills and independence that are needed to ensure that children are school ready.  We plan carefully, never more than a week ahead and draw from our expert understanding of each child, their interests and the next steps needed to master concepts and explore new skills.