All children from birth to five follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum whether they are cared for in a day nursery, with a childminder or educational nursery.  It is a statutory document, developed for professionals to support young children into learning. At Bertrum House, we get to know our children extremely well, taking time to observe them at play and finding out about their interests.  We are then able to carefully plan for their next steps using their interests to build motivation and excitement.

Outdoor Learning

Learning outside is embedded in the Early Years Foundation Stage and has many benefits for the development of young children.  As adults, many of us remember the freedom of outside play; the space to run, jump and move; the perfect place to shout and be noisy; and small dens to hide in with friends. At Bertrum House we offer nursery aged children in Balham and Tooting access to all areas of learning in our field, without the need to leave our premises.  Children thrive in the more physical environment as they enjoy learning through play and Bertrum House provides on-going training to staff to ensure that we maximise the opportunities for our children to learn outside.

The Early Years Foundation Stage

At Bertrum House Nursery we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The seven areas of learning form the basis of our teaching upon which we plan enriched, exciting activities to encourage a thirst for learning.  The three ‘Prime Areas’ which are particularly crucial for stimulating children’s curiosity, enthusiasm and potential for learning. The three ‘Prime Areas’ crucial for stimulating children’s curiosity, enthusiasm and potential for learning are; Communication and Language; Physical Development; and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Ofsted Inspection Report, October 2018

“Children develop very strong communication skills, including young children and those who learn English as an additional language.”

What parents say

“I cannot recommend Bertrum nursery highly enough – my son loved his time there. The children are taught to be considerate and kind to each other, the discipline is good and the work that they brought home was lovely. The staff are caring and have a sense of fun, which infuses into the children. My son joined as a nutty toddler and left as a thoughtful, happy and confident little boy!”
“A massive thank you for making our son’s first year of nursery such a positive first experience (for him and me!) He has grown so much in the last year and developed a keen interest in words and writing.”