We work hard at Bertrum House Nursery to ensure that parents and carers are kept well-informed of Nursery policies and procedures at all times. We aim to create a positive and harmonious atmosphere in which all members of the Nursery community can effectively communicate and co-exist. Despite our best efforts, there may be situations in which parents or carers are unhappy with an outcome and this policy serves to support them in finding resolution to their concern or complaint:

Guidance for Parents

  • Most complaints can be quickly resolved by talking to the teacher or member of staff concerned. To do this you can contact the Nursery to arrange a time to meet with the person concerned to discuss the problem.
  • If you cannot resolve the matter directly with the person concerned, you should take it up with the Headteacher (“Head”). Again, you should do this by contacting the Nursery and arranging an appointment. The Head may ask you to put your concerns in writing and ask to see them in advance of the meeting so that they are able to look into the matter before the meeting.  (This meeting will take place within five working days, excluding school holidays, after the Head has been made aware of the complaint).
  • If you do not discuss the matter with the Head, it is not normally possible to proceed further with the official complaints procedure. In this circumstance, you should also put your complaint in writing, stating the reasons why you have not discussed it with the Head and send it to the Nursery Business Manager (“Manager”), via the School Office.
  • In a very small number of cases, the matter may not be resolved even with the involvement of the Head.
  • When this happens the complaint should be put in writing for the attention of the Manager, Mrs Pari Lake. It will be passed on to her via the School Office.  It is helpful to say what the problem is, what you want to happen and to provide information on any relevant communication with us on the subject, for example, any reference to conversations, letters or emails (times and dates are useful if you have this information)
  • The Manager will then contact you (within ten working days, excluding the school holidays, of the Manager receiving the written complaint). If it is not possible for the Manager to fully respond to you within this time, we will let you know and tell you what we are doing to deal with your complaint, when you can expect the full reply and from whom.
  • If you are not satisfied with the response to a written complaint you are entitled to attend, and be accompanied, at a meeting with a panel appointed by the Manager. This panel will consist of at least two people who have not been directly involved in the matters detailed in the complaint.  One person on this panel will be independent of the management and running of the Nursery.  This panel may make recommendations and findings as a result of the complaint and the Complainant, the Manager, the Head and, where relevant, the person complained about, will be provided with copies of these (within 20 working days, excluding school holidays, of the Head initially receiving the written complaint).
  • A written record will be kept of all complaints and this will indicate at which point they were resolved e.g. preliminary or panel meeting stage. All correspondence, statements and records will be kept confidential.
  • Ultimately, if you are not satisfied with the process of the investigation, (not the outcome) you can complain to the Secretary of State for Education and Employment (https://www.gov.uk/contact-dfe) or Ofsted (Tel: 020 7710 9900) if the event you feel that the Manager has not reasonably exercised her functions.

Date written: September 2016

Review date: September 2017