Back to Nursery and lots of number work!

This week Pre-Reception have been busy showcasing their maths skills.  We have seen lots of good counting and the children are beginning to experiment with the concepts of addition and subtraction.  We have also been talking a lot about how to respond to conflicts that arise during play and the children are showing more independence when using talk to solve disagreements.  Outside the children were particularly excited by Thursday’s windy weather and enjoyed watching different objects are they swirled around in the wind. The Nursery children have been reading The Gruffalo this week.  They had lots of fun in the messy play area, mixing up Gruffalo tea and slopping gooey mixture into cupcake cases!  In the small world tray they have built dens for the Gruffalo, describing the different textures of the wood, bark and leaves.  We have been really impressed with the children’s fantastic counting and number writing – well done Nursery!