These terms and conditions reflect the practice of the Nursery and are intended to promote the education and welfare of the
children who attend the Nursery and the stability and development of the Nursery itself. They form the basis of a legally binding
contract between the Parents and the Nursery for the provision of educational services. These terms and conditions are subject
to change from time to time to reflect changes in the law or in practice at the Nursery.

In these terms and conditions unless the context otherwise requires:

  • “Parent” refers to the Child’s parent or guardian. Where there is more than one parent they will be jointly and severally liable
    for all the parent obligations under these terms and conditions.
  • “Nursery” and “School” refers to Bertrum House Nursery.
  • “Child” means the child named on the registration form.

“Fee” and “Fees” where used in these terms and conditions include each of the following charges where applicable:
Registration Fee; Acceptance Deposit; Termly Fees; Fees for extra activities; other extras such as uniform and equipment,
photographs and other items ordered by the Parent; charges arising in respect of school trips and outings; damage where a
child alone or with other children has caused wilful loss or damage to school property or property of any other person in the
Nursery (fair wear and tear excluded), and late payment charges if incurred.

1. Our Commitment:

We aim to provide a happy and secure environment for all our children, to gently nurture them and help them develop socially,
emotionally and achieve academically.

We will do all that is reasonable to safeguard and promote your Child’s welfare and to provide a very high standard of pastoral
care. We will respect your Child’s human rights and freedoms which must, however, be balanced with the lawful needs and
rules of our Nursery community and the rights and freedoms of others. Parents are expected to support the Nursery’s aims and
ensure that the children maintain appropriate standards of behaviour.

We will provide the agreed childcare facilities for your Child at the agreed times (subject to any days when the Nursery is
closed). If we change the opening hours of the Nursery, we will give you as much notice of our decision as possible and, if
necessary, work with you to agree a change to your Child’s hours at the School.

We will try and accommodate any requests you may make for any additional sessions and/or extended hours of childcare at the
Nursery (subject to payment of our prevailing fees for such services).

We will provide you with regular verbal updates as to your Child’s progress on such request.

2. Parent’s Authority:

The Parents authorise the Nursery to take all decisions deemed necessary to safeguard and promote their Child’s welfare. We
have an obligation to report any instances where we consider that a child may have been neglected or abused to the relevant
authorities. We may do so without your consent and/or without informing you.

3. Disclosures:

The Parents confirm that they have disclosed in confidence, (by completing and returning to the School the standard health
record) any known medical condition, health problems, allergy or dietary requirements affecting their Child. This record is to be
returned to the School before the Child starts their first term. The Parents will also disclose any history or knowledge of a
learning difficulty on the part of the Child or any family circumstances or court order which might affect the Child’s welfare or
happiness, or any concerns about the Child’s security. The Parents will immediately inform the School of any changes to the
information previously supplied.

It is also the Parents responsibility to inform the Nursery of any changes in circumstance (e.g. change of address, contact
telephone numbers, marital status).

4. Health:

In the event of illness or injury requiring emergency medical treatment and the Parents cannot be contacted in time, the Parents
consent to the Child undergoing such treatment as deemed necessary from certified medical staff at the Nursery.

The Parents will immediately inform the School if the Child is suffering from any contagious disease. For the benefit of the other
children in the Nursery, the Parents must not allow their Child to attend the Nursery if they are suffering from a contagious

The Parents will complete a medicine consent form if they require the staff of the Nursery to administer any medicine to their
Child (whether they are prescribed or over the counter medicines).

5. Security:

You will immediately inform us if you are unable to collect your Child from Nursery by the official collection time. Under no
circumstances will a child be allowed to leave the Nursery with anyone unknown to the Nursery staff, unless the Parents have
previously arranged this. If the Parents have made alternative arrangements by telephone, the Nursery will require the name,
address and telephone number of the person permitted to collect the Child and proof of identity may be required upon arrival
at the Nursery. If the School is not reasonably satisfied that an individual is allowed to collect the Child, the School will not
release the Child into their care.

6. Absence of Parents:

When both parents will be absent from the Child’s home overnight or for a twenty-four hour period or longer, the Nursery must
be given in writing the name, address and telephone number for twenty-four hour contact with the adult who will have the care
of their Child during their absence.

7. Photographs:

The Nursery may include some photographs or images (including video) of children in promotional material such as the
prospectus, website and social media. In addition, we may on occasion use them for press or media purposes. While we are
always vigilant in ensuring any pictures preserve children’s anonymity, parents who do not want their Child’s photograph or
image to appear in any of the Nursery’s promotional material must inform the Nursery in writing immediately to this effect, and
include a request for acknowledgement of their letter.

8. Transport:

There will be occasions when the children travel on public or hired transport for special trips and outings. By accepting these
Terms and Conditions, the Parents consent to their Child travelling by any form of public transport and/or in a motor vehicle
driven by a responsible adult who is duly licensed and insured to drive a vehicle of that type.

9. Educational Visits:

By accepting these Terms and Conditions you consent to the Nursery taking your Child for walks around the local area during the
Nursery day. In addition, a variety of educational visits will also be provided to your Child. These visits will require specific
consent from the Parent.

10. Exclusion:

Although the necessity to do so is extremely rare, the Nursery reserves the right to exclude any child at its discretion. (See
Policy for Exclusion).

11. Registration and Admission:

Children will be considered as candidates for admission and entry to the Nursery when the registration Form has been
completed and returned to us and the non-returnable Registration Fee has been paid. Registration secures inclusion of the Child
on all the relevant waiting lists but does not guarantee a place at the Nursery. Admission will be subject to the availability of a
place. ‘Admission’ occurs when parents accept the offer of a place as detailed below in (12) Offer. ‘Entry’ is the date when the
Child attends the Nursery for the first time.

12. Offer:

Subject to availability, the Nursery will offer a place to parents who have completed the Registration process. In order to
confirm acceptance of this place, parents must return the Acceptance Form to the Nursery, within two weeks, together with an
Acceptance Deposit (‘Deposit’). If the Acceptance Form is not returned within the stipulated offer period then the place may be
withdrawn. The Deposit, as shown on the Fees List for the relevant year, will be payable before the Acceptance is confirmed.
Payment of the Deposit will constitute acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. This Deposit will be retained in the general
funds of the Nursery until the Child leaves. The Deposit will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the final payment
of Fees or other Fees due to the Nursery on leaving. The Deposit will be forfeited if the Child does not enter the Nursery after
accepting a place.

13. Fees:

The first term’s Fees are payable within two weeks of the issuance of an invoice from the Nursery. All payments of Fees should
be by bank transfer. The School may agree at their sole discretion to payment by cheque, but it is the Parents’ responsibility to
obtain a receipt from the Nursery Office as proof of payment. Subsequent Fees are payable termly in advance, and must be paid
before the first day of term. Unpaid Fees will incur a late payment administration charge of £30 and interest will accrue at a rate
of 2% above the base rate of the Nursery’s bank on the Fee outstanding for every day the invoice remains unpaid. For any failed
cheque the School will charge a £10.00 administration fee. If one or more items on the invoice are under query, the balance of
the invoice must be paid.

The Nursery may review their fees from time to time. If parents receive less than a Term’s notice of a Fees increase they may
give written notice of withdrawal of the Child within 21 days and will not be liable to pay Fees in lieu of notice and the Deposit
held by the Nursery will be refunded without interest, less any sums owing to the Nursery.

If you have requested additional (ad hoc) sessions or have been unable to collect your Child by the official collection time and
the School has as a result provided your with additional care facilities, the School will charge you for additional childcare
monthly in arrears at the School’s prevailing rates. The Nursery will amend the amount of your invoice accordingly.

If overdue Fees remain unpaid at any time, the Nursery reserves the right to exclude the Child. (See below).

  • Appropriation: The Parents agree that a payment made in respect of one may be appropriated by the Nursery to the
    unpaid account of any other child of those parents
  • Refund/Waiver: Fees will not be refunded or waived for absence through sickness or for any other cause unless there
    is a legal liability to make a refund. This rule is necessary so that the Nursery can properly budget and plan for its own
    staffing and expenditure requirements and to ensure that the cost of an individual default does not fall on other
  • Exclusion for non-payment of fees: The right is reserved to exclude a Child while Fees are unpaid. The Nursery may also
    withhold any information or property while Fees are unpaid but will not do so in a way that would cause direct and
    identifiable prejudice to the legitimate rights and interests of the Child. A Child who has been excluded at any time
    when fees are unpaid will be deemed withdrawn without notice twenty eight days after exclusion. Then a term’s Fees
    in lieu of notice will be payable in accordance with the Provisions about Notice (see below).
  • EECP: The Nursery is registered for the Wandsworth Early Education and care Places (EECP).
14. Provisions about Notice:

You will inform us as far in advance as possible of dates when your Child will not be attending school.

Except for children leaving at the end of the Summer term in the year the Child becomes aged five, notice of leaving, withdrawal
or intention to decrease the number of hours a child is to spend at the school, must be given in writing to the Office no later
than the day before the start of the Child’s intended final term. In the event of a child leaving, being withdrawn or decreasing
their hours without one term’s full notice, the full amount of the fees that would have been payable during the following term
will be payable forthwith.

For clarification: ‘A term’s notice’ to be given by Parents means notice given before the first day of the school term and expiring
at the end of that term. A term’s notice must be given in writing if Parents wish to withdraw a Child from the school, and notice
is given by reference to terms and not to months. For example, if you do not require your Child to attend from the academic
year starting in September, written notice must be received by the start of the preceding Summer Term. If a Child is withdrawn
on less than a full term’s notice, Fees in lieu of notice will be immediately due and payable. The charge to a term’s fees
represents a genuine pre-estimate of the Nursery’s loss in these circumstances, and in many circumstances the loss to the
Updated November 2016
Nursery can be much greater. This rule is necessary to promote the stability of the Nursery and enable the careful planning and
allocation of staff and other resources.
Where a child or parent’s conduct is deemed to be incompatible with the aims of the Nursery, the Nursery reserves the right to
exclude the child. In such circumstances there will be no refund of fees but the Acceptance

15. Termination:

We may immediately end this Agreement if:

  • You have failed to pay your fees;
  • You have breached any of your obligations under this Agreement and you have not or cannot put right that breach within a
    reasonable period of time of us asking you to;
  • You have behaved unacceptably, including, but not limited to, any physical or verbal abuse towards staff;
  • Your Child’s behaviour is unacceptable or endangers the safety and well being of any of the other children at the Nursery.

You may immediately end this Agreement if:

  • We have breached any of our obligations under this Agreement and we have not or cannot put right that breach within a
    reasonable period after you have drawn it to our attention; or
  • We suffer any event of insolvency.
16. Employment of Staff:

If, during this Agreement and for a period of 6 months after the termination of this Agreement, you (directly or indirectly):

employ or otherwise engage the services of any member of our staff who has had contact with your Child under this Agreement
in the six months immediately preceding commencement of such employment or engagement; and/or

allow or permit the provision of any childcare services to your children by any member of our staff who has had contact with
your Child under this Agreement in the six months immediately preceding the provision of such services, then you shall pay to us
a figure representing 20% of the relevant member of staff’s gross annual salary at the time they left our employment and/or
services. This figure represents the costs to us of recruiting a suitable replacement member of staff and is accepted by you as a
reasonable pre-estimate of the costs we will suffer as a consequence of you breaching this clause 16.

17. General:

If you have any concerns regarding the services we provide, please discuss these with your Child’s teacher. If these concerns
have not been resolved to your satisfaction please contact the Headteacher.

You will comply with any policies of the school notified to you from time to time, either on the school’s website or in its
newsletter, published from time to time.

The Nursery holds personal data that identifies you as an individual This includes your contact details, next of kin and some
financial information. We may also hold information such as your ethnic group or information you have provided to us, or
information from professionals such as doctors or the local authorities. We collect this information to safeguard and promote
the welfare of your Child, to promote the interests of the Nursery, to ensure that all relevant obligations of the Nursery are
complied with and to ensure the efficient operation of the School. We may, for instance, share your contact details with other
parents within your Child’s class to ease the process of communication between parents and promote the building of the
Nursery community. If you would prefer that certain information is kept confidential then please notify the Nursery in writing to
the Headteacher or the Nursery Office.

This agreement shall be constructed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the
English courts.